How to make kids leggings from fabric remnants; from fail to funky pattern mix!

I really love the way these leggings turned out, I think the pattern mix-up is so fun for kids leggings. However, this design was completely unintentional. It was created from necessity, due to making a silly mistake (hello again, lack of sleep) and running out of fabric. I’m not sad about it though, I’m going to make more like this and thought it would be a useful idea to share with you too. If you want to make kids leggings from fabric remnants, or want to use up some scraps then perfect! This mix-up will work a treat!

The pattern

I used the fab free Lightning Leggings pattern from Made By Jack’s Mum, available from the Facebook group here. There’s a huge range of sizes and options with these. I made my original mix-up leggings for a first birthday present, so these are size 1Y, trim fit and slim leg. There’s a “fluffy fit” option for cloth bums, and relaxed leg if you want them a bit looser than normal leggings. There are separate pattern pieces for the legs, waistband, and ankle cuffs, is you decide to use them. This makes the pattern ideal for making your kids leggings from fabric remnants. I love that the pattern comes with the “layers” option for printing too, so you can just print the size you need. Did I mention it’s a free pattern? Amazeballs isn’t it.

The fabric

My original idea was to use this pug and donut cotton jersey for the leggings. I almost don’t want to tell you where I got it from, as it’s such a gem of a small business. The quality and price is fab, which means some fabrics sell out really quickly. Obviously, the more people I tell about it, the more quickly they will sell out….oh alright then. Click here. They have a Facebook group too, where you can pre-order, vote for new designs etc. Well worth a look. They have also just started doing pre-cut leggings, so you buy the pieces and sew them together yourself. I haven’t done this yet, but it’s very tempting. If you don’t enjoy assembling patterns and cutting fabric, then I think it’s a brilliant idea.

So, I had a metre of this fabric, and I used it to make Ava a t-shirt dress. There was just enough left over to make some dinky leggings. I printed the pattern off, and double checked that I could tetris the pattern onto the fabric. I could. Hashtag winning.

The making

Then this happened.

one leg from the leggings has been cut upside down due to user error
One leg cut upside-down due to being tired and feckless

“Silly me” I uttered. Or something similar. Now, I could have ploughed on and used the leg anyway, but as these were a gift I just wasn’t happy doing that. Then I remembered some dalmation-esque fabric I had left in my stash. I went to the cupboard under the stairs, braced myself, and started ploughing through untidy mountains of fabric. I located said spotty fabric, and returned to my machine, full of hope, victoriously clutching the solution to my sewing mishap. (I may have dramatised that very slightly).

The scrappy mix-up legging is born!

I thought the dalmation spot print went well with the other doggy print, and I had enough doggy to cut the waistband so used that. I think these would look good in solid colours too, You could use three different colours; one for each leg and one for the waistband. How about rainbow coloured leggings? Or a mix of spots and stripes? If you make the cuffed leg version you could use different colours for those too. This would be a fab way to use up any scrappy bits you have left over from other projects.

Kids leggings made from fabric remnants. One leg and the waistband are covered in pastel coloured pugs in donuts, the other leg is a black and white dalmation spot print.
Bad sew turned good

The verdict

I was really happy with them. My friend that I gave them to loved them. I’m going to find some other combos of fabric in my stash and make more. Let me know if you do too!!

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